The color of CES

how we sense the CES' crowd color preferences

Posted by on January 6, 2015

This year like last year we will be present at #CES2015 in Las Vegas. We share a booth with our sister company Cityzen Sciences which presents two products based on their smart fabric, a D-Shirt (Digital Shirt) and a pair of cycling shorts.

We will pitch our platform offering to the CES attendees but we also wanted them to be able to directly experience our service, and this is not something easy when your service is meant for developers. So instead of just describing use cases of some of our customers, we imagined an interactive experiment based on our platform. This experiment is called #color, it’s both an online and physical experience. It’s physical because we invite visitors of our booth to interact with a custom pod, pressing buttons here and there. Those interactions change the color of an orb on display on the booth, simple you may say… But there’s a catch, the orb and the pod are not connected, instead they both interact with the Cityzen Data platform, the pod pushes the selected color and the orb reads it and changes its light color accordingly. This demonstrates how our platform can be used to simply control connected objects.

The online part enables you to visualize analytics on the colors that the CES attendees have selected. These analytics are made possible by the use of our data manipulation environment (named Einstein), since all selected colors are pushed onto our cloud platform, they are available for analysis. What’s really interesting is that the whole process is simply an HTML5 page which interacts with the platform, absolutely no backend logic was necessary, thus demonstrating how easy it is to create services based on the data managed by the Cityzen Data platform.

We hope that you can come and see for yourself how fun this demo is, if not you can look at the analytics to see what hues the CES crowd prefers.

After CES, Horacio who has put this demo together will publish a report of the selected tones.

Mathias Herberts - cofounder & CTO - @herberts