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introducing The Time Warp, Cityzen Data's blog

Posted by on January 5, 2015

The last 18 months have been both exhilarating and frustrating. Exhilarating because founding a startup is putting you in the (hyper) fast lane and from the day you start you live your life at ludicrous speed. But frustrating because working in stealth mode limits the amount of information you give to the outside world and the greatness and importance of what you do are only known to a few insiders. But then one day you consider that the market has matured and that your product is sufficiently advanced to retain an advantage despite stepping out of the shadow.

For Cityzen Data this day has come and the whole team is delighted to be able to (at last) post about everything they’ve been working on. This blog will be the home of those posts, we’ve dubbed it The Time Warp, in reference to multiple things, Time which is the center of our interests, Warp which is the name of our product, and of course the song from the Rocky Horror Picture Show which we invite you to experience at least once in your lifetime!

Let’s go back in time so you can understand where we come from and what we’ve been up to. It all began with a program called Smart Sensing which aims at creating smart fabric. Those textiles have sensors woven into them which can measure various parameters depending on the field of application. The data measured by all those sensors needed a home, and when we looked, in late 2011, there was really nowhere those data would be well, so we decided to create this place on our own. The more we refined what we wanted to build, the more it became obvious that nothing we were drafting was specific to the smart fabric vertical, so we decided to create a separate company which would focus on building a home for all sensor data, whether they were coming from smart fabric or from other environments, that company is Cityzen Data. We’ve been hard at work building a platform where your sensor data would feel right at home, focusing on security, performance, scalability and delivering many features not found elsewhere.

Along the many posts to come, the various members of our team will deep dive into what our platform has to offer. We hope you will be following us regularly.

In the mean time, on behalf of everyone at Cityzen Data, I wish you the very best for 2015.

Mathias Herberts - cofounder & CTO - @herberts